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Eleve sus momentos con la excelencia en los medios visuales

Bienvenido a Elevate Your Moments with Visual media Excellence, tu fuente de referencia para servicios de drones de última generación. Nos especializamos en brindar soluciones de alta calidad para una amplia gama de industrias, incluidos servicios de video drones, portales de creación de contenido visual, documentación fotográfica y de videos de eventos y bodas, marketing inmobiliario, centro de mejora de marketing y video HD de 8k en todo el terreno. Nuestro equipo de profesionales capacitados está dedicado a ayudarlo a capturar sus momentos de la mejor manera posible.

Nuestros servicios de Video Drone están diseñados para capturar imágenes aéreas impresionantes para sus proyectos. Ya sea para una película, un comercial o un evento, nuestros drones están equipados con cámaras y tecnología de alta calidad para brindarle el mejor metraje posible. Disponemos de una amplia gama de drones y cámaras para elegir, por lo que puedes estar seguro de que tenemos el equipo adecuado para tus necesidades.

Nuestro Portal de creación de contenido visual es una plataforma todo en uno para crear y administrar su contenido visual. Con nuestras herramientas y plantillas fáciles de usar, puedes crear vídeos, imágenes y otro contenido visual impresionantes en poco tiempo. Ya sea propietario de una pequeña empresa o un profesional del marketing, nuestra plataforma puede ayudarle a elevar su marca y llegar a su público objetivo.

Nos especializamos en capturar los momentos más memorables de sus eventos especiales, incluidas bodas, eventos corporativos y más. Nuestro equipo de fotógrafos y videógrafos expertos trabaja estrechamente con usted para garantizar que cada momento se capture con sorprendente detalle. Creemos en contar su historia a través de nuestros lentes y crear un recuerdo atemporal que durará toda la vida.

Nuestros servicios de Marketing Inmobiliario están diseñados para ayudarle a exhibir sus propiedades de la mejor manera posible. Ya sea que sea un agente de bienes raíces o propietario de una propiedad, nuestros servicios de drones pueden ayudarlo a crear impresionantes imágenes aéreas de sus propiedades. Podemos ayudarle a resaltar las características únicas de sus propiedades y atraer compradores potenciales.

Los Cabos Drone Services

Cabo Drone Services owns and operates our own fleet of professional drones, cameras, and video equipment. All of our pilots are trained, and FAA licensed and take all measures to ensure the safety, quality, and timeliness of needed aerial video and images. Our experienced UAV operators are available all throughout Baja California and Baja California SUR, Mexico.

Yes, we can create overhead images of your property from as high as 500 meters in specific air spaces. We are experienced in capturing high-resolution images and stitching together large land masses. We can output large photo files for reproduction or, to assist in your digital or presentation materials.

Quality drone pictures and video sells!

Cabo drone services have aerial drone capabilities to remain in the air for over 7 hours ongoing shoot in cinematic 4K video and RAW stills.  Our drone UAV technicians are experienced in recording specific geographic plotting for elevations, irrigation, plant health, and 2D or 3D maps and have many stock aerial videos for licensing on Getty Images from our house archives.

Custom Drone Show Production

a captivating new trend is redefining the landscape of event production and entertainment: drone show services. This innovative spectacle blends technology with creativity, offering an array of possibilities for any event, from corporate gatherings and product launches to weddings and cultural festivals. These aerial displays transform the sky into a canvas, where drones equipped with LED lights create intricate patterns, shapes, and messages, mesmerizing audiences with their synchronized dance.

The drone show production service in Los Cabos is not just an alternative to traditional fireworks; it’s an environmentally friendly option that eliminates noise pollution and the risk of fire, making it perfect for eco-conscious events. The possibilities are virtually limitless, with shows tailored to fit the theme and essence of each occasion. Imagine drones forming dynamic shapes, spelling out names or logos, or even reenacting scenes relevant to the event, all set against the backdrop of Los Cabos’ stunning landscapes.


How long is a Custom Drone Show?

Typically, a drone show can last between 2 to 5 minutes, a duration that ensures maximum impact without losing the audience’s attention. This brief yet unforgettable spectacle can serve as the highlight of the evening, leaving guests with lasting memories of a unique experience. The duration is meticulously designed to convey the event’s message or theme concisely and powerfully, ensuring every second counts.

Budgets for drone shows in Los Cabos start at around $5-$8,000, and t is dependent on several factors, including the complexity of the desired designs, the overall concept of the show, and the number of drones required. Each of these elements plays a crucial role in crafting a visually stunning performance that captivates and entertains. For instance, a more intricate design or a higher number of drones will naturally involve more planning, programming, and rehearsal, thereby affecting the overall cost.

The investment in a drone show production service goes beyond just the financial aspect; it’s an investment in creating an unparalleled event experience that stands out. Whether it’s for impressing potential clients, celebrating a milestone, or simply giving guests a night to remember, a drone show in Los Cabos promises an extraordinary addition to any event.

Los Cabos Drone Services follow a strict planning policy: outline all shots, and storyboard requirements and approve all aspects before any filming. This includes climate, wind, humidity, sun, and geography among other factors. Timing is everything to us; including location scouting, obtaining required permissions, and proper procedures for safe drone operations.

Drone Video / Image Mapping For Real Estate

  Pure Cabo drone video services always abide by the Mexican Aeronautics and Aviation guidelines and remain in compliance with no-fly zones. We are able to fly as high as 500 meters and are experienced in large-land images with extreme detail.

  • Aerial Video and Photography

  • Drone Image Consultation

  • Geography / Property Mapping

  • Real Estate – Residential & Commercial

  • Civil Engineering and Inspections

  • Time Lapses

  • Before & After Construction

  • Construction Site Monitoring

  • Towers and Vertical Infrastructures

  • Precision Agriculture

  • Energy and Power Lines

  • Private Events

  • Celebrity Photo/Videography

  • Corporate Outings

  • Outdoor Activities

  • Landscaping

  • Marketing Video Production

  • 4k Video and RAW Images

  • Full Editing Services

  • Custom Drone Shows



Cabo San Lucas Drone Show Technicians

Pure Cabo Drone Services has worked with many firms in Mexico and the United States including:


  • Bunim/Murry Productions


  • Hilton Properties

  • Miguel Ángel Aragonés

  • Ohana Real Estate

  • Portus Group

  • Square Design Lab

  • Quinta del Golfo de Cortez Group

  • CFE

  • Montage Hotel & Resorts

  • Pedregal

  • Trademark Productions, Inc.

  • The Post

  • TMZ

  • Warner Brothers

  • Ronival Real Estate

  • Coldwell Banker

  • AMP Studios



Cabo Drone land plotting with dynamic 2D and 3D videos that can include saturations for farming and irrigation is possible with professional Cabo drone services.

Drone pricing is based on project needs, location, and overall end requirements/deliverables. Please fill out the form below and we will contact you within 1 business day. If you need immediate assistance please contact us by phone at 624-169-5302 or 248-582-9239 in the USA.

*Sorry, we do not have drone equipment for rent in Los Cabos.

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